Calm, Confident & In-Control…

When clients first come to see me, and I ask them what are their best hopes to achieve from this therapy, they often say that they want to feel ‘calm, confident, and in-control’, and these are fabulous goals to strive for.


These three qualities enable us to really embrace life – if you are not feeling calm, confident and in-control, you may be feeling anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed – and solution focused hypnotherapy can help you overcome these negative feelings.

Anxiety and panic can be replaced with feelings of calm, confidence, and of being in control. As well as being essential for our mental wellbeing, these three qualities enable us to really make the most of our relationships, careers, and leisure time. In short, to make the most of life.

Feeling calm helps your family and everyday life

Feeling anxious and panicky can be really debilitating. Being anxious developed as a primitive self-preservation instinct – but for the modern brain, an inability to switch off this function is exhausting and can prevent us from leading a normal life.

Replacing anxiety with feelings of calm has so many benefits. On a basic level, life is much easier when we feel calm! Family life, relationships, and everyday activities stop feeling like stressors and become things to enjoy again. Life may be busy – but when you feel calm inside, life isn’t stressful, it’s simply full.

Confidence is so important at work

There’s a difference between seeming confident and genuinely feeling confident. We’re all familiar with the analogy of the swan – graceful on the surface, but paddling like heck under the water! That’s how many of us feel at work at least some of the time, and the pressure to put on the calm exterior while panicking beneath the surface can be gruelling.

True confidence, as opposed to wearing a confident mask, is a great gift in the workplace. It also helps in all other areas of life – sports, hobbies, dating, dieting, studying, job-hunting…

Being in control lets you do so much more

Feeling out of control is a state that sneaks up on many people sometimes. It could also be described as feeling overwhelmed. It can simply be because we’re trying to do too much, and are spending our lives fire-fighting – working parents of small children often feel this, for example. A feeling of life being out of control happens with those who experience overeating or addictions. Or, feeling like a loss of control, can be a symptom of depression or anxiety or due to situational life events occurring. Whatever the cause, there are a range of techniques that can help you take back control.

When we regain clarity of thought, all those tasks which felt so overwhelming fall back into place and become achievable. When you can see clearly, you’re so much more productive than when looking at the world through a haze of chaos. As well as managing the multi-tasking of everyday life, a sense of control enables you to take up that new hobby, or study a new subject, or simply take time out to relax and breathe…


How can solution focused hypnotherapy help you to feel calm, confident, and in control?

Solution focused hypnotherapy was developed to calm the mind and reduce anxiety – so is the perfect approach to help with the issues we discussed above. Solution focused hypnotherapy works by concentrating on a positive future; and although it acknowledges the past and the current issues, it doesn’t dwell on these. The purpose is to think about how you want your life to be, and what positive steps you can take to get there.

Becoming calmer and regaining the feeling of being in control of your life is a surprisingly easy goal to achieve. You may feel swamped at the moment, but that’s OK – most of us experience periods of feeling overwhelmed by life, or losing confidence in ourselves. Simply by reading this, and contemplating hypnotherapy, you’ve started on the path towards taking back control!

I’m Debbie Daltrey, the founder of Great Minds Clinic. Over the years, I’ve seen solution focused hypnotherapy help so many people regain feelings of control and confidence, and start to enjoy life again. If the feelings I’ve outlined here sound familiar, please contact me for a confidential chat. I can be found at with clinics in Altrincham and Deansgate in Manchester.

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