Calm, Confident & In-Control… at Christmas.

Christmas is soon upon us once again, and it’s a time for a break from work, a time for reflection, and to spend time with those that we love. Yet for some of us it can feel overwhelming, with so much to think about and trying to keep everybody happy.

There are presents to organise, food to buy, considerations of which family to spend it with, the prospect of family conflicts to manage, or for some people, it’s the daunting prospect of how to spend Christmas on your own.

Yet there is such a social demanding pressure for everything to go well, and it can feel overwhelming for those who are left to organise everything for the family. Feeling anxious and panicky can be really debilitating and can stop us getting on with the things that we need to do in a calm and controlled way.

Solution focused hypnotherapy was developed to calm the mind and reduce anxiety. The purpose is to think about how you want your life to be, and the positive steps you can take to get there.

When we regain clarity of thought, all those tasks which felt so overwhelming fall back into place and become achievable. When you can see clearly, you’re so much more productive than when looking at the world through a haze of chaos. As well as managing the multi-tasking of everyday life, a sense of control helps you to enjoy Christmas for you, to simply take time out to relax and breathe…

Becoming calmer and regaining the feeling of being in control of your life is a surprisingly easy goal to achieve. You may feel swamped at the moment, but that’s OK – most of us experience periods of feeling overwhelmed by life or losing confidence in ourselves. Simply by reading this, and contemplating hypnotherapy, you’ve started on the path towards taking back control!

I’m Debbie Daltrey, the founder of Great Minds Clinic. Over the years, I’ve seen solution focused hypnotherapy help so many people regain feelings of control and confidence and start to enjoy life again. If the feelings I’ve outlined here sound familiar, please contact me for a confidential chat.



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