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A client’s story of how we ended his Wispa Gold cravings….


As I was working with my client, I discovered that he used to be a journalist. At the end of one of our sessions, I mentioned in passing my new blog and the challenges of writing content.

He kindly offered to write a one-off guest blog for me, and subsequently wrote this very candid and honest description about his recent experience of working with me to reduce his anxiety, and also his chocolate cravings.

Here is his story in his own words…

“The first thing you need to know about me is that I’m a professional cynic. Literally. My job is to listen to software developers tell me that their programs work and then prove them wrong. I get paid to not believe people. It suits my nature: my cynicism isn’t limited to my job. There are lots of things I’m cynical about, including medicine. Basically, if it isn’t licensed by Pfizer, it isn’t going to work.

I mention this because I want you to get a feel for just how astounded I was by the success of my recent treatment with Debbie Daltrey at Great Minds Clinic. Not everything came as a surprise. I have a degree in psychology, and although that was a very long time ago, I remember enough to know that hypnotism is a genuine phenomenon and that hypnotherapy can have very real results.

That said, when Debbie suggested we use a couple of our treatment sessions for EFT to help me with anxiety regards an upcoming holiday, and weight loss, I’d not heard of EFT, so naturally, my suspicion gland kicked into top gear.

EFT, I should explain, is a treatment based on acupuncture pressure points although, happily, it doesn’t involve having any needles put in you. You simply tap, with your fingers, certain areas of the body (mainly around the face) whilst repeating out loud what Debbie says (which will depend on the exact problem she’s helping you with). There’s no getting away from the fact that you may feel faintly ridiculous while doing this.

Now, if your instinctual reaction to this is ‘Yeah, right, how can tapping make a difference’ then I wouldn’t blame you for a second. That was pretty much my reaction as well. But then I thought, you know what? Debbie’s the expert here. I’ll give it a go.

And here’s the thing. The first session we did was for anxiety, and it had an immediate, tangible and significant effect. I’ve picked those words with a great deal of care, so much so that I’m going to repeat them. By the time we finished the first session, my anxiety levels had reduced immediately, tangibly and significantly.

The second treatment I had was to help me with weight loss, and here’s where I tell you the second thing you need to know about me, which is that I would cheerfully crawl a mile on my hands and knees over broken glass for a Wispa Gold. I’m just going to come out and say it: I love Wispa Golds. Debbie asked me to bring one to the session, and in a triumph of self will, I actually did bring her a Wispa Gold, as opposed to just a Wispa Gold wrapper and a guilty grin. Debbie had me open the wrapper and place the Wispa Gold down next to me without – and I can’t stress this enough – without actually stuffing it in my face. We went through the EFT treatment, once again tapping, repeating and feeling faintly ridiculous.

Now, I have to confess to a fairly strong hope when we started that the treatment would somehow involve me eating the Wispa Gold. I recognised even at the time that this might have been clutching at straws somewhat, but a man can dream, right? Maybe there’d be some aversion therapy going on, like locking a claustrophobic arachnophobe in a lift full of tarantulas. I pictured Debbie leaving the room, returning with a shopping basket full of Wispa Golds and proclaiming: “Here, now you’re going to eat every last one of these until you’re sick!”


No such luck. We just tapped and repeated and felt faintly ridiculous. And yet, by the end of it, I didn’t want the chocolate. The craving for it had simply disappeared. In the space of a few minutes. Debbie warned me that if I was going to truly kick the habit it would take will power as well, but not only have I not had a Wispa Gold in the subsequent three weeks, I haven’t had any chocolate. Or crisps. Or even thought about them.

I should stress that I’m not trying to sell you a miracle cure here. (I should also stress that I’m not trying to sell you anything – I’m just telling my story). I’ve still further to go with my weight-loss goals, and I still suffer with anxiety from time to time. But crucially, both of these problems have been reduced by EFT treatment with Debbie Daltrey in a very short time. I don’t doubt for a second that I’ll be back for further treatment if I need it to reach my ideal weight and get support to manage life’s ups and downs.”

If you are interested in managing your anxiety, and managing your weight with a combination of psychotherapy, NLP, hypnotherapy and EFT then please contact me for a friendly, confidential chat and further details.

I work from clinics at home in Timperley, Altrincham and from offices at the Milton Rooms, Deansgate in Manchester City Centre.

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Be Positive – The Benefits of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy


If you’re experiencing stress and anxiety, people telling you to “be positive” can feel as insensitive as being told to “cheer up”. But to be honest, replacing those anxious feelings with more positive thoughts sounds like the most wonderful outcome imaginable. And it’s achievable.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a natural technique that reduces anxiety, allowing you to become open to the positive again. By focusing on the positive together, we can make some real and lasting changes.

So how can Solution Focused therapy help? Let’s have a look at the positives…

Start Thinking Positively


The key of this approach is to change your focus from anxieties to positives. A useful way to start is with a popular NLP technique. If I say to you, “Don’t think of a giraffe!” what do you immediately picture? Exactly. Your brain is like the internet – type in “don’t think of a giraffe”, and what do you get? Giraffes, thousands of them. Basically, this illustrates that you can’t change through negativity. Saying “don’t worry” instantly causes you to think about worries, the same way as you’re still thinking about giraffes.

What Solution Focused Hypnotherapy does is to focus on the positive. If you want to stop thinking about giraffes, instead of suggesting that you stop, I’ll help guide you another way, and this is where we start to find real positive progress. We replace those anxious feelings with positive thoughts, resulting in you feeling calm, centred, and back in-control again.

A major part of this approach is that we focus on what you want to change for now and the future. We acknowledge that of course, your anxiety has a history, however rather than dwelling on the past, we help you to find positive coping ways to move forward, because what we really want to do is to focus on a positive future.

Taking Positive Action Through Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

How do we make these changes? Well, we use a modern efficient mix of psychotherapy and hypnosis. Hypnosis can shift your perspective into a more positive focus. Hypnosis is simply a contrived trance state. It’s a natural state that we’re surprisingly accustomed to. We all go into trances many times during our normal day. It just lasts a few seconds, and it’s when we’re watching telly, or driving, or in the shower. A contrived trance lasts much longer, actually giving your brain time to do its stuff.

What does the brain need to do? In a nutshell, we have two minds, a conscious ‘intellectual’ part of our brain and a primitive ’emotional’ part of our brain. When the former is in control, so are we. It’s our solution-finding side, our rational and thinking aspect. However, evolution-wise we’re not that far from our cave-dwelling ancestors, and we still share their primitive brain. This controls our ‘fight-or-flight’ response – handy if you think you may suddenly have to fight a sabre-toothed tiger. Not so handy when we feel the same way if we’ve had an argument, or we are facing redundancy. This primitive emotional part of the brain is the source of anxiety, anger and depression.

In a trance state, both sides of the brain work together and focus on the same thing. In this state, we can move towards replacing the anxieties with positive plans for a happy future. Giraffes with something else. Sabre-toothed tigers with everyday work and play.

The Benefits of Positive Interaction

If a person is anxious, it can be hard to communicate with others. To return to our ancestors in their caves, they learned pretty quickly that they did better as a tribe than as lone hunters. When they interacted with others, they got rewarded (more food, companionship, help with those pesky sabre-toothed tigers…). The tribespeople coped better with daily life.

And that’s what positive interaction still does for present-day humans. We all cope far better with the rewards gained through positive thoughts, actions, and interactions. When we do this our brains produce various neurotransmitters including serotonin and endorphins – these are our natural ‘feel-good’ chemicals. So, as we start to replace those anxieties, we start to feel better, and we feel ready to appreciate the benefits of positive interaction again; and a virtuous cycle of being positive to others, reaping the emotional rewards of this, getting our confidence and happiness back, and thus being positive to others, begins.


Find Out More about Solution Focused therapy

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is collaborative – you’re not fighting those tigers alone! We’ll work together to unlock those hopes for the future, and to take positive steps towards getting there.

I’m Debbie Daltrey, founder of Great Minds Clinic. Please contact me at to find out more.

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