Hypnotherapy To Control Drinking

Some people can get into the habit of using alcohol as a coping mechanism to escape the way they feel. If you are one of these people, you may be aware that you are drinking too much alcohol to cope with the stress of life and you may be considering hypnotherapy to help.

Drinking offers us a way to numb down the stress, and the worries, the anxiety that we feel, and offers a small reprieve to relax. It's a socially acceptable drug, and it is widely available in all shops and supermarkets, not to mention pubs and other places. It is so easy to get into the habit of drinking a bottle, or more at the end of the day at home, and this can quickly escalate into a daily habit. 

Then we become aware that we are getting into a habit of drinking too much, and we try to cut back. However, we find that there is this strong yearning there, for this habit to continue. We try to cut back or quit altogether again, and find we are struggling to stop. Each day on waking up with a hangover, we feel guilty of the lack of willpower, and this makes us feel worse. Then the evening comes and we think it can't do any harm to have one, which turns into finishing the bottle, and the cycle continues.

We know it's not good for our health, we know it's not good for our emotional state, we know it's not good for our waistline, and we know it's not good for our work, or our relationships. We wish we could just quit or at least cut down.

Solution focused hypnotherapy can help. There could be a number of reasons for your drinking too much, perhaps you are drinking to escape anxiety, anger or irritability issues, or mild to moderate depression, or maybe it's just a habit that's got out of hand. You don't need to talk about all your problems, unless you find it helps, but we do concentrate on finding solutions and ways forward, supporting you all the way.

It's important to be aware that solution focused hypnotherapy isn't something that is 'done to you', it is a partnership between you and the therapist, to work together as a team, to achieve your objectives. We use a mix of psychology and hypnosis to do this. You will be willing and ready to change, and to actively engage with your therapist as part of the process. As part of this you can learn tools and techniques to help you for life.

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