I have listed some client testimonials below, names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. If you would like to discuss your issue in complete confidence please do get in touch.

"I wanted to give you a quick update, since my last appointment I have been doing fantastic, there is a big improvement. Once again thank you for your help" Simon, Stockport (January 2019).

"...as we've started a new year and I've been reflective of the year that has past. I just really want to say THANK YOU to you. I can honestly say that 2018 was the most positive year I have had for a long long time. And I really do accredit you for it in many ways". Mary, Altrincham (January 2019).

"Hi Debbie, I have got the job๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ Today is the starting date. Let me know when I can book the next appointment in 2 weeks time please" Susan, Salford (January 2019).

"I have found understanding how the brain works to create anxiety, the trance work and the goal setting most useful. What has changed for me is that I feel less anxious, and more relaxed about situations that would have previously caused me anxiety. Relationships (both at work and at home) have massively improved. I would recommend Debbie at Great Minds Clinic because the sessions have had such a positive impact on my day to day life. The sessions are manageable and the audio is really easy to fit into my routine" Diane, Cheadle, Cheshire (November 2018).

"I was sceptical about the process initially, but desperately needed to try something new. Once you commit to the process and do the work, Debbie commits to helping you and the rest is history..... a real life changing experience for me, and I can’t thank her enough.โ€‹" Andrew, Warrington (August 2018)

"I now have improved confidence for the future and less apprehension. The treatment allowed me to break the negative thinking habit which would often lead to a panic attack. The audio I listened to before bed also improved my sleep'. Tim, Lymm (July 2018)

"I chose hypnotherapy for anxiety and overthinking / panicking about issues in my life. It is so easy over the years to fall in to a pattern of feeling low but thinking you can’t do anything about it. Debbie was nice to deal with, very calm and explained everything in detail. After the sessions I definitely had a brighter outlook and I’m determined to not fall back in to the old habits. I now feel more positive and am putting things in to perspective, not reverting to thinking worst case scenario all the time. It helps to put you on a different path and slowly change your way of thinking"  Mary, Hale (June 2018)

"This has changed my life. I stopped smoking and drinking. I was very sceptical before I came here about hypnosis, but Debbie proved me wrong. Highly recommended"  Martha, Altrincham (June 2018)

โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹"Hypnotherapy helped me to understand that a lifetime of negative thinking was making things harder for me and reinforcing poor self-esteem. Hypnotherapy helped me to be more positive and challenge automatic negative thoughts. I feel more positive and more confident now. I would recommend to friends or family" โ€‹Celine, Manchester (June 2018). 

โ€‹"After a stressful year at work, hypnotherapy has given me a tool to better cope with stress, and take a different viewpoint on situations. The audio is brilliant for relaxation and allowing me to have a more positve outlook. It is very good for an overworked mind, and I now feel more relaxed, calm and can deal with stress better". โ€‹Ivan, Sale (May 2018)

โ€‹โ€‹"What has changed for me since the therapy is my positive outlook. Everything has changed as regards how I view things. Knowing how the brain works helped me to understand what was making me anxious. It's great to be able to change and alter your way of thinking. It has helped me tremendously to understand why I was so anxious about swimming. I have developed mechanisms to combat my worries. Also I have identified other issues which may have been related that I wasn't even aware of. I feel so much more confident, and even just being listened to, and understood has been a tremendous help". โ€‹Jean, Wilmslow (April 2018)

โ€‹"I am much more confident and positive, I feel more positive for the future. I have felt such an improvement in myself from visiting Debbie that I think everyone should do it. It feels like such a difficulty when you suffer from anxiety and if you have reached the point where you are considering hypnotherapy, I would say to just go for it. You really have nothing to lose and I'm so glad I decided to take the plunge". โ€‹Karen, Altrincham (March 2018)

Hypnotherapy has helped me to become a much more positive person, and to see things in a new light. My confidence has improved hugely. It has enabled me to do things I never thought I would feel able to do.”  โ€‹Sarah, Hale (March 2018)

โ€‹"I just wanted to say a big thanks for all your help. You have given me a new outlook on life and I feel so much stronger in myself to make the right choices. It's nice to feel like I'm with the living again. Thanks again". Jane, Hale (February 2018)

โ€‹"I am feeling more positive and in control of my eating. I would recommend to a friend as it's a good way to think and learn about how to alter your behaviours. I chose hypnotherapy as I kept falling back into old, negative habits. It's helped me to move forward in a positive way"  Lisa, Altrincham (February 2018)

โ€‹"The treatment I chose was for weight loss. The sessions have given me control of my future. I feel I'm stronger to make the right food choices. I feel more positive and happier" โ€‹ Julie, Wythenshawe (November 2017)

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Debbie for all her help with me overcoming my anxiety. From where I was at the beginning to where I am now, I feel like a completely new person. I feel I have gained the knowledge and confidence to handle my anxiety better and I couldn’t have done this without Debbie’s help. She’s a really great therapist and I would recommend her to anyone suffering from anxiety.”  Ruth, Glossop (November 2017)

I chose Hypnotherapy after struggling with anxiety and depression for a few years, and I’m glad I did. It has been the only thing that worked for me. It has got me back to my old self. I am more positive, happy and confident, and I’m doing more. I only wish I had done it sooner”  Tracy, Hyde. (October 2017)

"โ€‹I now feel more calmer, more positive, able to cope better, less negative and much more optimistic. The hypnotherapy tape to use at home has been so valuable in addition to the sessions. I feel more able to face life's ups and downs in a more rational and calmer way"  Louise, Timperley (October 2017)

"I chose hypnotherapy as a last resort really, I was frightened in the water, either the sea or the pool, and as a result of this spent the first 3 days of any holiday very anxiously trying to get into the water in the first place and being very frightened when I did. This was actively spoiling my holidays. Since coming to therapy I am now happy and confident in the water, very relaxed and comfortable. I am having swimming lessons which are going really well. I am sleeping better than I have slept for literally years, and I am happy and content to the extent that people close to me have commented on the change - Debbie was so helpful, empathetic, knowledgeable and such a nice person! Thank you so much" Amie, Manchester (July 2017)

" I never thought I would feel better about the things that were troubling me, and now it's like they never existed since working with Debbie.  I feel calmer, happier, and more positive" Julie,  Baguley (July 2017)

"I found the trance work, goal setting and counselling really useful to overcome my problems and I am now more productive at work, rather than being anxious. I would say, if you are thinking about hypnotherapy, stop thinking about it, and do it, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose" Mandy, Hale (June 2017)

"This has completely changed my outlook. I found it hard to deal with stress on a day to day basis and leading up to exams. This has helped me become more relaxed and calm and not have everything going round and round in my head. If anyone needed any help I would definately tell them (about Great Minds Clinic) because it has helped me"  Imogen, Sale (June 2017)

"After a period of upset and loss, I was eating more comforting, fatty foods. I found myself over a stone heavier and anxious and stressed everyday about it, but could not find a way back to normality. I am now able to think more rationally with a calmer, more positive outlook and a general sense of well being. I have useful tools to deal with a whole host of issues. I would recommend Debbie to anyone struggling" Diane, Stockport (June 2017)

"I would recommend hypnotherapy with Debbie at Great Minds Clinic as it is a great way to learn about how your mind actually works and how you can learn to change the way you look at life in a good and positive way" Stuart, Sale (May 2017)

"I would recommend Great Minds Clinic because the range of tools would help most people in my opinion. This experience, with the help of my medication, helped me get back to who I am"  Alan, Stockport (April 2017)

"I feel I can manage my feelings better now because I understand how the mind works. I feel more positive and with less mood swings. Hypnotherapy provided me with an alternative when other options were failing. It gave me a new perspective on how to solve my problems. I'm really glad I did the sessions and feel I have gained a lot from it. I would recommend that anyone with emotional, social, or self esteem issues to give it a try. Debbie was always very reassuring, helpful, and made me feel relaxed about the experience" Sue, Manchester (April 2017)

"I was having problems with sweating, blushing, and sleep. The hypnotherapy sessions and the MP3 file (both from Great Minds Clinic) helped tremendously. I can now go into work with confidence again. Thanks for all your help" Phil, Stockport (March, 2017)

"Just a note to let you know that I did my presentation today and I was not as nervous as I have been previously and apparently I didn't sound nervous at all ! The techniques definitely helped, so thanks very much you have helped me significantly"  Fay, Oldham (March 2017)

"My attitude and approach to tackling my problems and struggles has changed for the better. I would recommend Great Minds Clinic because with the combination of techniques you're sure to find something that works for you, plus Debbie is very friendly. Thank you for your support, I've tried several other therapies and this has been the most successful" Kathy, Timperley (January, 2017)

"I was recommended by a relative who had used Great Minds Clinic, because I was not in a great place at the time. After 6 sessions I feel a lot more positive about things, I am feeling overall a lot happier, and I find I am looking at things in a different way now. It feels like I can start a new chapter going forwards" Abbie, Cheadle (November 2016)

"I now have strategies I can implement and a better perspective on the problem. Debbie has a very relaxed easy going manner, she puts you at ease and works with you to help with the problem, thanks Debbie". Martin, Altrincham (October 2016)

"Thank you Debbie, in a few weeks I feel like a different, better version of myself. The solution focused approach is such a positive way to overcome problems, problems I have had for years. I can't thank you enough for guiding me through and changing my outlook and relationship with food. I am lighter mentally and physically. I have lost weight, I feel in control of my life, I am taking responsibility for my own actions, and I have a healthy relationship with food"  Jane, Timperley (September 2016)

"I have found working with Debbie to be a really positive experience, which I would recommend to anyone. Within a very short space of time I feel I have overcome a lifelong negative relationship with food, and I am now in control. Thank you Debbie"  Kate, Timperley (September 2016)

"I can't thank Debbie enough for her coaching/therapy over the last few weeks. I now feel I have the extra confidence to perform at my maximum level to meet the big challenges I have over the next few months. I highly recommend Debbie's Great Minds Clinic. Thanks Debbie"  Graham, Stockport (June 2016)

"I have had problems with confidence for most of my life. My great passion is ballroom dancing but the lack of confidence was hugely affecting my performance, so I decided to do something about it. I found Great Minds Clinic on the internet and the reviews were very positive, so I booked an appointment with Debbie Daltrey and I'm so glad I did. Debbie has changed my life in every way. I am a happier, confident and totally relaxed person, enjoying life. I cannot thank Debbie enough. I would not hesitate to recommend hypnotherapy and Debbie as a means to overcome, in a positive way, any of life''s challenges." Moira, Urmston (June 2016)

"For a person who has battled with anxieties since being a child, I now feel happy and relaxed everyday, and life is just fabulous. Thank you Debbie at Great Minds Clinic !" Lucy, Irlam (May 2016)

"Debbie helped my daughter with her confidence ahead of her mock exams and tailored a coaching programme to get her mind in the right place. She was great at connecting with my daughter and has taught her some skills she will remember for the rest of her life" Jake, Irlam (April 2016)

"By using the Emotional Freedom Techniques that Debbie showed me, I saw immediate and very effective results that I wouldn't have believed if anybody had described them to me. I now have a much more positive outlook on life, and my previous fears and anxieties seen trivial. I also had an addiction to chocolate and crisps, but I've not wanted any for over a month now !" Roy, Warrington (February 2016)

"I've never tried hypnotherapy before. I was sceptical. I'm a practical, down to earth person, and I considered it to be in the realms of hocus-pocus. I was wrong. It's given me what I can only describe as 'concrete lifelines'. I have learned positive thinking techniques which, along with the goal-setting work we did, and the talking, has helped me to feel much more confident in myself" Anna, Timperley (November 2015)

"Having suffered with anxiety for 14 years, after my visits with Debbie I feel so much better and enjoying life much more. The devil on my back has lost his grip on me"  Tony, Salford (October 2015)

"My visits (to Great Minds Clinic) have been a great experience for me in finally tackling a long life addiction to sugar. I would describe the process as empowering and calming which leaves you feeling that anything is possible and for someone who has tried "everything" this was the one that finally worked for me. I would definitely recommend to my friends and family." Helen, Hale (October 2015)

"I had never considered hypnotherapy previously and found the whole experience totally uplifting. I came to Debbie seeking confidence and clarity in life direction. I found the sessions I had greatly helped in giving me direction and motivation for life as Debbie was a good listener and understood my concerns. I never would have thought hypnotherapy could have such a profound effect, it has opened my eyes to a new and positive outlook on life and I feel so much better and brighter as a result. I would definately recommend." Gemma, Knutsford (October 2015)

"I found the treatment provided by Debbie to be very beneficial. She helped me to understand the reasons for why I behave in a certain way and gave me strategies to use to help me modify my behaviour. I became calmer, more rational and happier as a result of my sessions with Debbie." Belinda, Rawtenstall (September 2015)

"I chose to try hypnotherapy as I have tried other counselling techniques before and I was looking for a different approach to help me with my anxieties. I suffered with anxiety on a daily basis and did not know the cause. Due to hypnotherapy I was able  to understand the causes of my anxieties and learn how to control them and sleep a lot easier and a lot better. I now feel more confident in dealing with it, which has made me a happier person. I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy for anyone who is struggling with anxiety or depression, I feel like a different person". Linda, Baguley (July 2015)

"I found Great Minds Clinic through a Google search. Debbie has taught me several techniques that have helped me on a daily basis to manage my anxiety and my chronic OCD. She is very calming and understanding and patient with my problems, I'm pleased to say that my OCD has measurably improved" Carol, Sale, M33 (July 2015)

"Hypnotherapy was not something I had ever considered before, but I’m so glad I tried it. The sessions helped me in a number of areas and with problems I didn’t even realise I had. My main reason for wanting hypnotherapy was to help with my headaches and I’m extremely pleased to say these have reduced and I have been able to reduce my medication. A fantastic experience and results from Great Minds Clinic, I would recommend everyone to try hypnotherapy!" Diane, Urmston (May 2015)

"I contacted Great Minds when I was feeling very negative and low on confidence due to a relationship break up. Debbie was very friendly and helped me relax. I was able to explain my feelings and regain my positivity and confidence with each session. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her service and I would definately go back again in the future" Paul, Bolton (March 2015)

"Thanks to you and our sessions I pro-actively resolved the work situation, I am still feeling confident, positive and definately no further signs of anxiety, thank you" Sue, Altrincham (January 2015)

"Thank you for all your support, I feel a lot better, it meant a lot for you not to judge me" Helen, Wilmslow (November, 2014)

"I wish I had met you years ago Debbie! When I think back to how I was when I first came to see you, and then the difference only a few weeks later is amazing. I feel less weighed down by life, calmer, more in control, and I have much more energy and motivation. Life seems easier and happier. My friends and family have definately noticed the difference" Marion, Hyde (November, 2014)

"This clinic really helped me with my fear of flying, making a trip abroad so much more enjoyable. Debbie was great and made me feel really relaxed straight away. Would definately recommend" Elaine, Knutsford (November, 2014)

"This is a great clinic, it helped me a lot and I would definately recommend to anyone!" David, Manchester (October, 2014)

"I was feeling very depressed, and isolating myself following a temporary marriage separation. After each session I started to feel so much better, calmer, more positive, and more confident. I started inter-acting again with colleagues, and my anxiety symptoms disappeared. I'm now pleased to say I'm re-united with my family." Brian, Lancs (July, 2014)

"I had trouble with social anxiety. After only a few hypnotherapy sessions I went to a big wedding that I'd been dreading before, with around 300 guests. Instead of being nervous and clamming up, I felt calm and centred. I found myself making conversation a lot easier without thinking about being self-conscious." Roger, Sale (June, 2014)

 "Debbie really helped me. I couldn't be a passenger with my husband in the car. After my sessions I would have little practice trips, just to the supermarket or to the pub and back, as part of my planned treatment. Eventually we drove to Bolton to see old friends we'd not seen for years. There's no way I could have done that on my own"  Stephanie, Hale, Cheshire (June, 2014)

"I went to get hypnotherapy for depression. I didn't have any energy for anything and I felt hopeless. However after a few sessions I found myself doing things like re-joining the gym, and went back to my pilates classes. Then I started buying more healthy food, and my sleep patterns got better. I also got myself ready and went for a job interview which was a really big thing for me" Linda, Hale, Cheshire (March, 2014)


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