Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

How would you like to use the power of your mind to help you lose weight, beat unhealthy food cravings, feel lighter, fitter, healthier, more attractive, and comfortably fit into all your favourite clothes again? 

This isn't a diet, this is a re-set of your relationship towards food.Your mind plays an instrumental part in your success with weightloss and I can help you to make it happen. We work in collaboration as a partnership, to address any underlying psychological barriers such as emotional eating, sugar addiction, anxiety, stress, or low moods.

This is a very positive solution-focused therapy where we work on the solutions that suit you, to help you move forward. Working on a 1-1 basis, you will be encouraged to reach your goals in a way that resonates with you, as the individual that you are. You will also learn tools and techniques that you can use for life to help with confidence, to manage stress, to resist cravings, and more. 

Personal 6 Week Weightloss Program

This 6 week weightloss program is individually tailored, and therefore dedicated to tackling your own personal issues with weight control.

The program covers 7 personal 1-2-1 face-to-face sessions and includes: 

1. Free initial consultation to discuss your goals, issues, and explain the works

2. Weekly hypnosis sessions tailored just for you and your issues

3. Solution focused ways to manage emotional states and maintain motivation 

4. Positive thinking encouragement, and training to develop a positive mindset

5. Education of how the brain can self-sabotage our weightloss efforts and what you can do about it

6. A 6 week healthy eating plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

7. A weekly food diary with a thought log, so we can track triggers, challenges and achievements

8. Learn easy techniques to stop cravings for chocolate, sugar, wine, cheese, etc.

9.  A 30 minute high quality self-hypnosis audio for you to listen to daily at home

10.  Learn tools and techniques that you can use for life, including self-hypnosis techniques

11. Two pages of high quality tips to maintain your weight loss


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Hypno-Band - the World's No. 1 Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy System is also available at this clinic.Please ask for details. 


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