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Solution focused hypnotherapy combined with psychotherapy offers a safe, relaxing, and most of all, a natural, drug-free way to start to feel better. Hypnotherapy is also safe to be carried out in conjunction with medication prescribed by your doctor.

Solution focused hypnotherapy can be very effective to help you to feel better from mild to moderate depression. If you have been feeling depressed it's likely that you are experiencing negative thought patterns, and that you may be feeling overwhelmed with seemingly unsolvable problems. You've also more than likely suffered stress overload, or trauma of some kind, and this can lead to anxiety, which if not dealt with, can lead to feeling depressed. By engaging in a regular treatment plan of hypnotherapy it can help you to feel calmer, and more in control. 

I offer a combination of clinical hypnotherapy, counselling, and psychotherapy to help to encourage natural positive thinking and positive behaviour patterns, all at a pace that suits you. Hypnotherapy can also help you to see alternative perspectives on situations. We can measure your outcomes in a way that fits with your pace, and you can see your progress as you go. 

Solution focused hypnotherapy isn't something that is 'done to you', it is a partnership between you and the therapist, to work together as a team, to achieve your objectives. We use a mix of psychology and hypnosis to do this. You will be willing and ready to change, and to actively engage with your therapist as part of the process. As part of this you can learn tools and techniques to help you for life. 

We work together to help you to move towards those wonderful goals to feel better, and to help you cope better with life's ups and downs. Hypnotherapy can be very helpful in correcting patterns of restless sleep, or to help with pain. And you can use hypnotherapy to increase motivation to exercise and eat properly.

Hypnosis itself isn't like you see on TV or on stage, this is a relaxing, calming, gentle therapy that you will enjoy, and you will be fully aware of everything as you relax. You will also be gifted with a relaxation CD/MP3 for use between sessions.

If you have been feeling depressed for more than a few weeks it's time to do something about it. Why not contact me to discuss your situation and find out more out how I can help.

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Hypnotherapy for help with depression in Manchester

Depression can be a lonely thing to deal with. At times you may feel helpless, and other times you may feel you are trying to deal with this completely on your own, however you don't need to feel that way. Being able to talk to somebody in confidence, and to engage in a program of hypnotherapy can help people in Manchester to recover from feelings of mild to moderate depression.   

As a starting point for those who are looking for depression help Manchester, we have put together our top tips for natural remedies that you can try, all to ease those feelings of depression. 

Set yourself some goals

A common feeling during bouts of depression is that you simply cannot accomplish anything. These feelings of worthlessness can make you feel even worse about yourself. The best way to combat these feelings is to set yourself some daily goals that you can concentrate on achieving. These goals could start very small, things that you are sure that you can succeed. As you achieve them, you can start to add in more challenging goals for you to tackle.

Find yourself some routine

Depression is known to strip away any feelings of routine and structure that you may have in your life. You may feel that each day simply melts into the next. By setting yourself a daily schedule you can start to feel that you are taking control of your day to day activities, perhaps helping you to find a sense of control over the depression too.


When you exercise your body releases endorphins into your bloodstream. These feel-good chemicals not only offer short term boosts, but are also known to have long-term benefits too. Regular exercise is also known to help your brain to re-wire itself in more positive ways. You don’t need to undertake marathon like exercise plans. A simple walk a few times every week is enough for you to feel the benefit.

Give yourself some responsibilities

A common side effect of depression is that you want to let go of any responsibilities that you have. With some support from a depression help Manchester specialist you can combat these feelings of wanting to hide away. It is a good idea to try and stay as involved as you normally do. Whether that is with your friends, family or perhaps in work. Having these responsibilities will remind you that there is a world away from your depression and help you to stay part of it.

Make sure you are sleeping enough

It is normal for depression to make it harder to sleep, or to sleep too much. However, what you may not realise is that a lack of sleep, or too much sleep, can make depression all the worse. If you are stuck in this vicious cycle, then you may feel like there is nothing that you can do to help. A great thing to try is having a set bedtime, each and every day, as well as set times to wake up. You should also try to avoid napping as much as possible, and remove any distractions such as TVs or mobile phones that you have in your bedroom.

If these remedies are still not helping your feelings of depression, or seem too overwhelming, then we suggest that you speak to a professional, such as your GP, and to consider booking a complimentary face to face initial consultation from the welcome page of this site. You may start to feel better knowing you have taken the first step to helping yourself, and to help make sure that those feelings of depression are a thing of the past. 

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